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CR work in Zimbabwe  

Although the Community of the Resurrection does not maintain a permanent presence in Zimbabwe, Brethren visit frequently, with students from the College and other priests and lay people linked with CR. The Community is involved with a number of projects to support young Zimbabweans in these very difficult times, for example 

·         paying the school fees of a number of children who have been orphaned by AIDS

·         supporting Tariro House in Harare, which gets teenagers in need back into school or training

·         setting up income generating projects in the rural areas for young people to give them a sense of purpose in life

·         helping the Dioceses of Masvingo, Harare and Manicaland with training of clergy

·         helping three communities of Sisters to survive these hard times

·         supporting three children’s homes with gifts of money and clothes

·         celebrating the Eucharist in places which hardly ever see a priest

·         praying for a political change that will enable the country to recover its economy.

To do this, the Community raises money in England, America and Germany. If you would like to contribute to this, please contact Fr Nicolas Stebbing at    

The best way to keep up to date with CR's work in Zimbabwe is to follow the Facebook page for Tariro here:

Other and older reports here....

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Interim Update July 2010 - Fr Nicolas reports: "Today we had the first proper meeting of the Tariro Hope for Youth in Zimbabwe Trust since we became a charity a few weeks ago. It has been amazing how this has got going. With all the problems of life in Zimbabwe and the inexperience of Carl and myself, we now have a successful charity – a house in Harare with 13 teenagers, a group at Penhalonga with 13 destitute children supported in school and more to come. A small group of Zimbabweans have worked hard to make this possible and a lot of English people have given most generously to fund it".

Fr Nicolas's report on visit to Zimbabwe January 2010

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Intercessions for Zimbabwe (from the CR Prayer Vigil held on 26 September 2011 organised by the CR Novitiate). Fr Nicolas said afterwards: “Thank you so much to everyone who joined in our prayer for Zimbabwe this evening. We were amazed by the scores of people who let us know they were praying and no doubt many more did it without telling us. We felt ourselves part of a great praying company tonight. Zimbabwe needs our prayer but this type of vigil also helps us deepen our own relationship with God and discover new aspects to intercessory prayer. Tonight’s prayer will have built us deeper into the living body of Christ and united us more firmly with our suffering brothers and sisters all over the world. Nicolas CR”.

Sermon preached by Nicolas CR at Worksop Priory 10 April, 2011. Fr Nicolas explains: " The people of Worksop Priory have been generous to Zimbabwe in the past and this year are aiming to raise £1,000 for the Tariro charity. When I left at the end of an excellent parish lunch and raffle they were within £40 of their target. Meanwhile the Methodist church in Worksop have also raised £1,000 for a specific project within Tariro so I went there as well to receive the gift and tell them a little of our work. People in this country are amazingly generous. The sermon I preached tries to show how Zimbabwe , despite all the disaster stories, is also a place where Jesus is clearly present as ‘the Resurrection and the Life’.”

Tongogara Refugee Camp

October 2010: From Fr Nicolas: “If you read the journal of my visit to Zimbabwe [news page] you will remember that we visited Tongogara refugee camp and were overwhelmingly moved by the Anglican community there. One of the students who was with me (Ben Bradshaw) has undertaken to raise money to help them build a church. The y need about US$6,000. On Monday 11 October he is going to do a 24 hour prayer vigil in the College oratory to pray for this and to invite people to join him in the praying and/or to donate to the cause”. Please read Ben's account and see photographs here, which also includes details of how to make a donation.  

Update from Ben: "Thank you so much to all of you who have helped with our project to build the refugees in Tongogara a Church. Words fail to describe how touched I have been by the support so many people have given to us in raising the funds. I have always tried to thank each one of you personally for your donations and prayers but if I have not been able to get hold of your contact details, please accept my thanks now. I am very excited to let you know we have now raised a total of £4,408. Of that, approximately £3,500 has come from CR Companions and people they have told about this project! You have all taken this project in to your hearts and your donations will mean the prayers of the refugees will come true. The 24 hour prayer vigil was a very moving experience; it was wonderful to have many hundreds of people from all over the world say a prayer that day for the refugees and we only have to look at the total now raised to show that our prayers have been answered. My fellow students here at the College of the Resurrection were also very supportive and as a College we raised £668 towards the Church. The remaining funds have come from personal friends and also some small donations received from an article in the Huddersfield Examiner which further publicised our project. We have now moved close to our target of £5,000 and the fact we have got so near in such a short space of time is all down to the support from the CR Companions. If we are blessed enough to go over our target and have funds left over once the Church is built we would make sure the extra money is used to help the refugee community at Tongogara. We could use the money to help the children in Tongogara, especially in the development of their education, whether it is in text books or extra lessons. Because one day these young children will be adults and we pray they will be able to leave the camp by this time and so it is vital they are taught the skills needed so they can have a good future. I will keep the CR Companions updated on the rest of the fundraising campaign and of course any photographs of the Church once building starts. You are all in my prayers. Ben". 

November 2010: Further update from Ben Bradshaw: "I am very pleased to tell you all that so far we have raised £7809, a remarkable achievement which should allow us to build and furnish a church for the refugees out in Zimbabwe . We sent the first instalment of money last week and we have just received an email from the Bishop's Office who are overseeing the whole project.  The y have told us that building plans have now been completed and that the materials are soon to be purchased and transported. The y also told us that this coming week the pegging of the church will be starting so that the legging of the church can also begin, this means that the groundwork is now well underway. This is very exciting news and I will make sure to let you all know how things are going with the building every step of the way. With every blessing. Ben".

March 2010: Further update from Ben: "I am so pleased to show you what your most generous donations and sincere prayers have already achieved at Tongogara Refugee Camp , Zimbabwe . The se recent photos show us that the building work is now well underway in the Camp and that solid foundations for the Church have been laid. So far we have raised an incredible £8,200 towards the project. I will keep you updated with further photos and news of development as soon as we receive it. Thank you all so much. In Christ, Ben".

Other items:

Order Form for the CD "Nobody's child" (all the proceeds go towards helping educate young people in need in Zimbabwe )  

Photographs of Zimbabwean Batiks (which may be purchased to help the Community's mission work in Zimbabwe )

Carl Melville's Zimbabwe Mission website.